We are an Organizational Development Company providing objective perspective and analytical rigor through detailed analysis. By helping our clients expose the intangibles, we enable positive culture change resulting in improved overall market performance.

LANG RESEARCH GROUP, LLC is an Organizational Development Company operating out of Washington, DC with national reach. We pride ourselves on being experts in organizational climate, culture, strategy, structure, and change management. More importantly, we know how to identify, assess, and diagnose these intangibles; then help organizations change, as required. Often, these changes are minor, but can have significant impact in overall performance. In addition to providing these services we also offer training to teach your team how to assess, develop, and implement solutions to these challenges. We merge a healthy balance of timeless trends from academia,  and both public and private sectors. We’re able to offer affordable services through the development of a structured approach to all of our service offerings. With a structured baseline, we can then tailor our approach to your unique organization with little unnecessary time and additional overhead. We guarantee the highest quality service, conducted by true subject matter experts, at an affordable price. Let us know how we can help you navigate your next set of challenges. We look forward to serving you. CONTACT US.

VISION: To become the predominant Organizational Development Company across industries and geographies on a global scale.

MISSION: To deliver best-in-industry Organizational Development services of sound academic rigor in support of our clients to enable positive cultural change and market growth.


  1. Pursue organizational growth while maintaining quality services, a culture built on integrity, and a positive workplace.
  2. Open multiple locations to increase reach and proximity to clients nationally and globally.
  3. Expand service offering across multiple decision science domains.
  4. Attract the best and brightest while retaining our culture.