It is important to understand that climate is different than culture. Climate is usually short in duration – a snapshot in time – while a culture analysis aims to determine if the current culture is aligned with organizational Vision, Mission, and Goals.

Initially, we’ll arrange a time to meet with your leadership team to gain a better understanding of your organization. Following this initial meeting, the Lang Research Group Team will develop a custom approach to accommodate your unique operating model. We’ll develop a web-based survey and review with your leadership. Survey Design is an integral component to accurately collecting information. Reliability and validity must be considered to ensure the survey instrument is both repeatable and that it tests what is intended to be tested. The survey will consist of multiple choice (quantitative) questions as well as some fill-in-the-blank (qualitative) questions to provide insight that is difficult to gain through quantitative questions alone. Once all categories and questions are agreed upon, we’ll launch the survey. Typically, these surveys are completed within a two-week period. Following interpretation of the results based upon descriptive and inferential statistics using mixed statistical methods, we’ll develop a written report and a presentation that can be delivered to only the leadership team or all employees that participated in the survey. In addition to the survey, we may conduct interviews and/or focus groups as another qualitative research method, which provides further insight and greater detail into your current climate. Small organizations may be best supported by qualitative methods using interviews and/or focus groups without the survey instrument. Using quantitative and qualitative methods, this exercise typically uncovers several interesting results, serving as a feeder to adjust organizational culture to face current challenges.

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